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Indonesia’s dynamic workforce is experiencing a seismic shift in career aspirations and expectations, presenting unique opportunities and challenges for businesses across various sectors.

The nation’s entrepreneurial spirit and hunger for growth have sparked a surge in career advancement pursuits and a strong desire for purposeful work. Understanding the emerging hiring trends becomes paramount as businesses navigate this transformative landscape.

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Consumer and Retail: Local brands and the online retail boom

As revealed in our 2023 Page Insights Salary Guide, the consumer and retail sector in Indonesia is witnessing a remarkable rise in the prominence of local brands, particularly in personal care and beauty products. The affordability of these products, coupled with compelling branding and promotional strategies, has attracted significant consumer attention.

To capitalise on this trend, companies are reevaluating their route-to-market and distribution strategies, bolstering sales efforts in response to growing demand. Additionally, the rapid growth of online retail has propelled the need for digital marketing and e-commerce talent as companies strive to engage customers in the digital realm.

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Digital and Technology: Focused hiring amid technological shifts

While Indonesia’s digital and technology landscape remains dynamic, there has been a moderation in the hiring demand for commercial, operational, and technical roles. Companies are now judiciously making new hires for critical positions or filling replacements.

However, specific areas, such as fintech, digital banking, e-commerce, local conglomerates, SME startups, and Web3 companies, continue to experience growth and hiring activity. Notably, industries such as cyber risk and GRC are seeing heightened demand due to updated local regulations, underscoring the importance of technology risk management.

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Energy and Natural Resources: Riding the wave of industrial transitions

Indonesia’s energy and natural resources sector is witnessing notable fluctuations driven by coal prices and the rise of electric vehicle (EV) investments.

The demand for coal mining experts has surged amidst price fluctuations, while the EV boom has triggered a demand for nickel. In response to these trends, mining companies invest heavily in processing plants, transforming the industry’s landscape.

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Financial Services: Capitalising on post-pandemic opportunities

Post-pandemic recovery has paved the way for new investment opportunities in Indonesia’s financial services sector. With a positive economic outlook, businesses in the capital market and financial technology (fintech) sectors are actively recruiting talent to support business expansion, acquisition, fundraising, and restructuring initiatives.

Startups, in particular, are focused on reevaluating operations to enhance customer experiences and drive recovery. The evolving regulatory landscape has also prompted conventional financial services and fintech firms to recruit more senior risk and compliance professionals to ensure compliance and mitigate risks.

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Healthcare and Life Sciences: Growth in IVD, life sciences, and genomics

Indonesia’s healthcare and life sciences sector is experiencing significant growth, particularly in in-vitro diagnostics (IVD), life sciences, and genomics. Local and multinational players are investing in Indonesia, with many setting up representative offices as a first step.

Previously non-healthcare companies are now expanding into the industry, establishing clinics and laboratories. As a result, demand for various roles such as hospital directors, medical, scientific liaisons, product managers, business development managers, and business digitalisation experts remains consistently high.

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Industrial and Manufacturing: Shifting production facilities and the demand for Chinese speakers

Indonesia’s industrial and manufacturing sector is transforming, with businesses relocating production facilities from the Chinese Mainland to Central and East Java regions. Textile and automotive sectors, in particular, are witnessing this trend. As a result, there is a growing demand for Mandarin speakers due to an increased influx of Chinese investors into Indonesia.

Property and Construction: Embracing data centres and industrial renewables

Indonesia’s property and construction sector is experiencing exponential growth in data centre facility investments from local and multinational companies. The months ahead will witness a surge in industrial renewable projects.

Consequently, there is a sustained high demand for professionals in business development, sales and marketing, and project management within the property development realm.

Embracing Indonesia’s Talent Abundance

Indonesia’s diverse and entrepreneurial workforce presents many opportunities for businesses willing to adapt to the evolving trends. With a strong appetite for career advancement, a focus on purposeful work, and a desire for a dynamic work culture, employers must strategically position themselves to attract top talent and retain top performers.

As the nation continues to foster innovation, push for technology advancements, and create a conducive business environment, businesses can leverage Indonesia’s abundance of talent to unlock growth and success on a regional and global scale.

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