Find out what are the highest paying jobs in Indonesia for 2021

As the world hurtles towards an uncertain future, Gen Z and Millennials are forging their own path in the ever-evolving job market, armed with unique skills, digital prowess, and an entrepreneurial mindset.

These tech-savvy cohorts are redefining career success, prioritising job satisfaction alongside financial gain, and shattering traditional notions of high-paying careers. In a landscape where innovation reigns supreme, they are seeking positions that offer not just lucrative salaries but also the opportunity to make a meaningful social impact.

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Top 10 best-paying jobs in Indonesia for 2023

To help you make informed decisions on your next job search, we have compiled a list of the highest-paying jobs in Indonesia, derived from our 2023 Page Insights Salary Guide.

While the list features senior leadership roles, it will help job seekers identify sectors that can offer competitive salary packages at any point in their careers.

1. C-suite roles

It is not surprising that executive positions are among the highest-paying jobs in Indonesia. A chief executive Officer in Property and Construction can earn a monthly salary of Rp 248 million.

C-suite roles bring immense value to organisations through strategic leadership, vision and innovation, financial management, operational excellence, talent development, stakeholder management, risk management, governance, and change management. These executives are critical in driving the organisation’s success, growth, and long-term sustainability.

Here are other monthly salaries of C-suite professionals:

  • A chief technology officer, and a chief product officer in the Digital and Technology industry earn Rp 200 million.
  • A chief investment officer in Property and Construction earns Rp 180 million.
  • A chief operating officer earns between Rp 155 million and Rp 180 million.
  • A chief financial officer earns RP 130 million to Rp180 million.
  • A chief commercial officer in Industrial and Manufacturing, and Digital and Technology, and a chief human resources officer in Digital and Technology earned RP 150 million.
  • A chief marketing officer in Digital and Technology can earn Rp 125 million, while the same role in Healthcare and Life Sciences, and Industrial and Manufacturing makes Rp 130 million.

(Browse CEO, CFOCIO and CTO jobs.)

2. Director, Mining Operations

A director in mining operations for the Energy and Natural Resources industry earns a monthly average of RP 230 million.

This position plays a critical role in planning, organising, directing, and coordinating the activities and resources necessary for extracting minerals and other natural deposits, as well as producing, storing, and providing gas, water, and electricity supplies. Their primary focus is on ensuring efficient and safe operations in the mining and energy sectors.

(Browse positions in mining operations and the Energy and Natural Resources industry.)

3. Risk Director

A risk director in Compliance and Risk Management earns an average of Rp 180 million monthly.

The role of a Risk Director is critical in helping the organisation make informed decisions, protect its assets and reputation, and maintain compliance with laws and regulations. They collaborate with various departments, including finance, legal, operations, and audit, to ensure a comprehensive and effective risk management framework.

(Browse roles in risk.)

4. Vice President, Government Relations

The head or VP of government relations can earn an average monthly range of Rp 85 million in the Energy and Natural Resources industry, Rp 110 million in the Digital and Technology, and Rp 155 million to RP 160 million in Financial Services. A vice president in government relations in the Digital and Technology industry can earn a monthly salary of Rp 170 million.

This role involves leading strategic planning and directing engagement objectives to develop and maintain productive relations with all government authorities to support the organisation’s goals. The VP of Government Affairs is responsible for building relationships and liaising with government entities, be it at the federal, state, provincial, or local level, that regulate or influence the business activities of the organisation. They ensure that the organisation’s interests align with government policies and regulations.

(Browse government relations roles.)

5. Sales Director

A sales director can earn Rp 155 million monthly in Consumer and Retail, Rp 110 million in Industrial and Manufacturing, and Rp 100 million in Property and Construction. 

This position brings value to an organisation by providing strategic leadership and direction to the sales team, driving revenue growth, and ensuring the achievement of sales targets. They are responsible for developing sales strategies, building and managing the sales team, identifying new business opportunities, fostering customer relationships, and optimising the sales process.

Their value may vary depending on the organisational structure and goals, such as geographic/territory focus, product/service specialisation, customer/account size, or industry/vertical expertise.

(Browse sales roles.)

6. Project Director

A project director in project management for the Energy and Natural Resources industry earns a monthly salary of Rp 150 million and Rp 130 million in Property and Construction.

The position is responsible for critical decision-making related to the project governance processes, including adjusting the budget and adding resources to ensure project success and compliance with project requirements.

This role may include key responsibilities like strategic planning, budget management, resource allocation, stakeholder communication, risk management, and quality assurance to ensure the successful execution and delivery of architecture projects while meeting the client’s requirements and objectives.

(Browse roles in project management here.)

7. Operations Director

An operations director can earn Rp 140 million monthly in the Industrial and Manufacturing industry.

The role of an operations director encompasses collaborating with the executive team to develop and execute the company’s strategic plans, optimising operational processes for enhanced productivity and reduced costs, ensuring products/services meet quality standards and customer expectations, managing the supply chain, identifying and mitigating operational risks, analysing performance data for improvements, and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and industry standards.

The position requires strong leadership, organisational, problem-solving, communication, and analytical skills to drive success and achieve operational goals while continuously seeking improvement opportunities.

(Browse roles in operations here.)

8. SVP / EVP in investment banking

The SVP (Senior Vice President) or EVP (Executive Vice President) in investment banking earns a monthly income of Rp 130 million.

These roles hold senior positions responsible for client management, completing pitch books, and managing client relationships. They delegate tasks, build strong client relationships, and play a crucial role in deal-making and business profitability.

(Browse investment banking roles.)

9. Head of Engineering, Software Development

A head of engineering in software development for the Digital and Technology industry earns Rp 120 million monthly.

This position is responsible for overseeing and leading the software development team within an organisation. They are in charge of planning, coordinating, and executing software projects, ensuring the delivery of high-quality software products, and managing the development process from inception to completion. Additionally, they may be involved in technology strategy, resource allocation, and collaborating with other departments to align software development efforts with business goals.

(Browse software engineering roles.)

10. Manufacturing Director

A manufacturing director of operations in the Industrial and Manufacturing industry can expect a monthly remuneration of Rp 110 million.

The job involves collaborating with the executive team to develop and implement strategic plans, optimising operational processes for increased efficiency and reduced costs, ensuring product quality meets customer expectations, managing the supply chain, identifying and mitigating operational risks, and ensuring compliance with regulations and industry standards.

(Browse roles in operations here.)

Our 2023 Salary Guide provides a comprehensive look at the most up-to-date salary numbers in different industries and for all experience levels. Download a copy of our latest salary report here.


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Disclaimer: Salaries can differ from one company to another, depending on your skills, knowledge and experience.

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