Connecting returning Indonesians with employers back home


Globalisation has made the world a much smaller place than ever before. As an active business entity in Indonesia, Michael Page, too, would like to assist and support Indonesians working abroad who are looking to return home and gain strong footholds in the country’s burgeoning economy.

With our Membangun Negeri campaign and more than 50 consultants working from our Jakarta office, we are well-positioned to connect you with unique job opportunities in Indonesia. By tapping into our knowledge, expertise and global network, the Membangun Negeri program connects overseas and returnee Indonesians to some of the most exciting and reputable brands and businesses in Indonesia.

Why Indonesians are coming home

 Care for family
and elderly parents
 Explore alternative,
exciting career options
 Contribute back to a burgeoning economy

It’s a great time to be home

More opportunities are being created

Returnee talent are heavily in demand, local and global exposure is a huge selling point

Led with local expertise  

Close to 70% of our consultants are returning Indonesians. We understand your job-seeking requirements and can facilitate a successful match with Indonesia’s most prominent companies across growth industries.

Your Membangun Negeri Partners

Olly Riches
President Director
Imeiniar Chandra

Get started with your move home by contacting us. Returnees who have settled back in Indonesia can also apply.