Before PageGroup, where were you before and what were your specialisations?

Before joining PageGroup, I was a Contract and Vendor Management Manager for an Indonesian telecommunications provider company. My specialisation was mainly in the legal field, specifically in Contract Management for the telecommunications industry.

Why did you join PageGroup and what your current role is?

I initially joined PageGroup as an associate consultant because I wanted to have a chance to do something that I have never done before, which is to build my own market in legal recruitment. I am now an Associate Manager.

How did/have your past experience(s) helped you in your current role?

My previous experience has provided me with a network as well as experience and interaction with senior management from different companies.

Successes / achievements that you have accomplished during your time at PageGroup

I joined PageGroup in August 2014, and have booked 1 placement and two retainers. Aside from the revenue achievements, however, the fact that I can now go set up a new business relationship with a company that has never heard of me and/or PageGroup before is greatly satisfying.