Find out what are the highest paying jobs in Indonesia for 2021

Indonesia experienced a recession in 2020 for the first time since 1998, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. By 2021, however, there were already signs of recovery. GDP growth for the year was estimated at around 3.7%, due to factors such as government spending and a commodities boom.

As the world’s largest exporter of crude palm oil and thermal coal, the archipelago benefited when prices for these commodities surged in 2021. Iron and steel exports also did well.

This economic growth happened despite mobility curbs put in place to halt the spread of the Delta variant of the coronavirus in July and August. The region’s economic outlook for 2022 continues to look positive, in part due to elevated commodity prices.

“With crisis comes opportunity” seems to be the ethos embraced by Indonesia’s start-up ecosystem. Investment apps and ones targeted as SMEs, such as those that help with bookkeeping, have managed to raise decent amounts of funding in 2021. Observers are also keeping an eye out for social commerce apps, which have the potential to improve supply chain efficiencies in Indonesia’s remote areas.

Overall, the Indonesian job market is looking good in 2022, particularly in sectors that are key drivers of the economy. As the most populous country in the Southeast Asian region with its own geographical challenges, there are opportunities aplenty for local fintech firms to tackle its unique problems. This, in turn, means that many are likely looking to buff up their technology workforce this year.

Salary is understandably an important factor in any career decision. And with the economy expected to be even more buoyant than last year, there is reason to be optimistic. To help you decide on your next move, we have compiled a list of the highest paying jobs in Indonesia, derived from our 2022 Michael Page Salary Report.

While the list features largely senior roles, it will help job seekers at any point in their careers identify the sectors that will likely be hiring aggressively in the months to come. If you are looking to upgrade your skills, this list will also help you identify the job specialities that human resources teams will be looking to add to payrolls in 2022.

The Top 10 highest paying jobs in Indonesia

1. C-suite Roles

Unsurprisingly, executives have among the highest paid jobs in Indonesia. The salary of a Chief Executive Officer, a Chief Financial Officer and a Chief Operating Officer can range from Rp 150 million to Rp 250 million a month, in disciplines from Property & Construction, Consumer & Retail, Business & Financial Services to Industrial & Manufacturing. And like other roles, remuneration for C-suites roles is based on the candidate’s experience, company size and sector.

2. Risk Director

With many businesses shifting their operations online, risk management - be it financial risk, strategic risk, or compliance risk - has become a bigger priority than ever. That is why a Risk Director who has a firm grasp of the complexity of risk issues is in demand, particularly in the financial services industry. This professional can expect to earn an average salary of Rp 180 million a month this year.

(Browse risk-related roles here.)

3. Country Sales Manager

As a testament to the optimism surrounding the Consumer & Retail industry in 2022, a Country Sales Manager in this sector who is able to lead their company's sales team to great success will be exceptionally well-compensated. With the potential to take home Rp 175 million a month, this is more than what their counterparts in other industries will be making.

That the Consumer & Retail industry is doing well despite the COVID-19 pandemic should not come as a surprise. With 270 million people, Indonesia is the world’s fourth-most populated country and has a rising middle class. It will likely see steady market expansion in the realm of goods and services if the supply chain management industry is able sort out issues in the country’s more remote areas.

(Browse country sales jobs here.)

4. Vice President, Government Relations

The COVID-19 pandemic has led sectors across the board to undergo massive digital transformations, and that includes Indonesia’s state-owned enterprises (SoE). To that end, industries as diverse as construction, natural resources, manufacturing, and finance are now working with local tech start-ups to improve digital automation and reap greater efficiencies. This creates a win-win situation for both parties: SoEs can leverage the capabilities and knowledge of tech start-ups, while start-ups get to enjoy a steady revenue stream from the SoEs.

These relationships between start-ups and the state have led Digital & Technology companies to be on the hunt for a Vice President of Government Relations. This person should be a lawyer who has the requisite industry knowledge and can ably negotiate with government entities. A Vice President of Government Relations will be compensated about Rp 170 million a month.

(Browse legal roles here.)

5. Vice President, Data Science

Besides being an expert in using data to achieve business goals, a Vice President of Data Science should also have good people skills. This person should be a top-notch project manager that can lead teams and manage client needs.

A Vice President of Data Science can command about Rp 150 million a month this year.
With a plethora of businesses looking to build their data science and analytics teams this year, information technology professionals with capabilities in this space will be in high demand.

(Browse data-related roles here.)

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6. Head of Corporate Strategy

The Head or Director of Corporate Strategy in Business & Financial Services will earn about Rp 150 million a month. This person supports the top business leadership, driving strategic efforts to achieve long-term business development goals.

(Browse jobs in financial services here.)

7. Project Director

While Indonesia remains one of the world’s top exporters of coal, mineral resources also contribute a significant portion to the country’s GDP. Project Directors who are in charge of managing engineering projects will be compensated about Rp 150 million monthly, and this person will need a handle on strategic issues pertaining to cost optimisation, tax reform, process efficiencies and climate change.

(Browse jobs in energy and natural resources here.)

8. Operations Director

Manufacturing is a key pillar of Indonesia’s economy, making up over 20% of the country’s GDP. Besides its attractive labour costs, the local populace’s increasing purchasing power is another reason behind Indonesia’s manufacturing boom. As such, the Industrial & Manufacturing sector is always on the lookout for a good Operations Director, who will be paid about Rp 140 million this year.

(Browse roles in manufacturing here.)

9. Technical Director

Property & Construction is also currently doing well in Indonesia, recovering from the hit it took in 2020 because of the pandemic. This is due to strong government spending on public infrastructure projects, with the most significant being the relocation of the capital from Jakarta in Java to the newly dubbed Nusantara in East Kalimantan.

As such, experts these in fields will be in high demand and well-compensated. A Managing Director (Project Management) in Operations will take home Rp 140 million a month, while a Technical Director in Engineering is not too far behind at Rp 130 million.

(Browse jobs in construction here.)

10. Marketing Director

Marketing is an essential function in any business, whether that’s B2B or B2C. Marketing teams are responsible for the company’s marketing and communications strategy to help increase brand awareness, as well as crafting a suitable brand image.

A Marketing Director these days works in a highly matrixed environment, and therefore needs a big-picture view of how various departments can work together to push out a coherent strategy for their campaigns.

Amongst the various sectors, Marketing Directors in Consumer & Retail and Industrial & Manufacturing will command salaries at the higher end of the spectrum, between Rp 120 million to Rp 130 million a month.

(Browse marketing roles here.)

Our 2022 Salary Report provides a comprehensive look at the most up-to-date salary numbers in different industries and for all experience levels. Download a copy of our latest salary report here.

Download our 2022 Salary Report here.

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Disclaimer: Salaries can differ from one company to another, and depending on your skills, knowledge and experience.

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