Whether looking to take the next step in your career, or having a think about what your career path might look like, or more immediately looking for a new job in Indonesia, one main factor you will consider is salary. While we know that salary isn’t the only motivator for professionals at work, it is a major one. Knowing what the market rate is puts candidates in a better position to negotiate before accepting a new job or getting a promotion at work.

Looking at salaries in Indonesia overall, perhaps obviously, the higher you are in seniority, the higher salary you can command. With these senior roles comes complex levels of responsibility, and companies pay high rates for those with the right combination of hard and soft skills to bring the organisation forward into the future. Our 2020 Michael Page Salary Guide gives an in-depth analysis of salaries in Indonesia, broken down by industry and function. These are 10 of the highest paid jobs highlighted in this report.

1. C-suite roles such as CEO, CFO and COO

For professionals who work their way up into the C-suite, a Chief Executive Officer, Chief Finance Officer or Chief Operations Officer can command a salary as high as Rp 500 million, with the average coming in at around Rp 250 million. These leadership positions require professionals with diverse backgrounds, an advanced level of education and extensive experience leading a team. As the senior stakeholders in an organisation, they have the highest levels of responsibility, and influence.

2. Marketing Director

As a function, marketing is one of the most important for a company looking to acquire new clients or customers, increase brand awareness and improve market share, among other objectives. The professional leading the marketing function needs to be someone innovative, who can try new things while understanding how to speak to customers as their preferences and expectations change. Marketing teams are becoming more complex and matrixed as teams work together towards shared goals. In order to manage all this, professionals that reach Marketing Director can expect to make up to Rp 350 million.

3. Head of Digital Marketing

As a subset of the larger marketing department, the Head of Digital Marketing position is becoming essential to all organisations as they shift many marketing operations to relying heavily on digital. This job requires a professional who is up-to-date on trends within marketing and willing to take just the right amount of risk for some level of reward. A Head of Digital Marketing can make up to Rp 100 million.

4. Head of Risk/Risk Director

Protecting companies from risks at all levels, whether that’s financial risk, compliance risk or strategic risk. As the Head of Risk or Risk Director for a company, a professional must have a current degree, and updated knowledge of constantly changing rules and regulations. As this role is about prevention, it’s a key one in protecting the interests in the company. Someone in this position in Indonesia can make up to Rp 250 million.

5. Head of Finance

As the Head of Finance, a professional in Indonesia can expect a salary of up to Rp 200 million. This is a complex role that is responsible to set the financial strategy of the company. It requires a large amount of experience with forecasting and budgeting and knowledge of risk management.

6. Sales Director/Country Sales Manager

The Sales department is an essential one to any organisation, and those who lead it are therefore well-compensated when the job is well done. Sales Directors or Country Sales Managers can expect to make up to Rp 200 million to Rp 250 million, depending on the industry, size of company, and volume of sales for the company.

7. Project Director

Being a Project Director is a high-level project management job that can include any number of responsibilities, depending on the industry, project and size of the team being managed. As a key person to organising and completing projects, those aiming for Project Director can make up to Rp 180 million.

8. Head of Internal Audit

This role requires a high level of specialised experience and would be in charge of ensuring good internal control and well-managed corporate governance. The Head of Internal Audit must remain objective about the company they are working for. For this specialised role, professionals can expect to earn up to Rp 100 million.

9. Head of HR

Human Resources is a quickly changing function, as companies begin to look to HR professionals to be active business partners more than ever before. Advising, strategising and leading the company forward is quickly becoming a key task for HR leaders, for which they can expect to make up to Rp 150 million.

10. Legal Director

Whether at a law firm, or at an in-house legal role within a larger organisation, law professionals are in high demand, and must be well-versed in various aspects of law to bring value to an organisation. Once a professional has reached director-level experience, they can expect a salary of up to Rp 110 million.

Keeping these 10 jobs in mind as targets to work towards, are you ready to start your next job search? See all our open jobs in Indonesia.

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