In this post, we suggest ways to sharpen your email to recruiters such that it carefully conveys your strengths and gets the attention it justly deserves.

Very often, job seekers find themselves in a ‘dark hole’ dilemma, left puzzled if their application was reviewed at all or why it may have been rejected. Hence, there is a need to gather sufficient information and polish the presentation of your emails before you hit ‘send’ to recruiters.

Recruiters are evaluating all the bits and pieces throughout the entire process so your first point of contact needs much deliberation and thought in order to have the right impact. As you have only one opportunity to make a first impression, ensure your communication plan is in place with a logical flow of thought that follows.

1. Remember to customise and be specific

Any emailed cover letter to a recruiter that is bland or generic will be likely forgotten. Avoid resumes that are untargeted in their audience or scattered with objectives as these are identified as ones to be out of the running. Instead go for the jugular and hone in on the tactical specifics. Customise your cover letters and rewrite resumes to accurately meet the requirements of each position.

Be sure to demonstrate and define your track record of success in your resume. You will need to show why you have applied to this particular role with this particular organisation. It is best to show interest through research and demonstrate your ability through facts.

Job seekers have to be specific and direct as this shows them as knowing what they are talking about and that they will be confident in an interview.

2. Select key information

Being selective with information to prioritise or that is worth playing up is also useful for beefing up your email to recruiters.

If it’s a management role, then he or she can highlight his or her management capabilities, possibly regional scope. It is also recommended for candidates to highlight their achievements along with responsibilities.

Capture the information that exhibits your accomplishments and relates well to strengths. Look at past projects you have been involved in and how successful they were. Key achievements and deliverables that were set when you started the role. Refer back to the job description you signed when starting the role and look for specific responsibilities; then refer it back to what you have actually done.

3. Do a “qualification” assessment

Be attentive to the stated qualifications, required skills or desired knowledge that each position is seeking. Positions that are not a match or that may not be of suitable interest should have their stones left unturned. You may find yourself lost in applying to a huge volume of roles and nowhere closer or aligned to your career goals.

Job seekers will need to show why they are interested, what they can bring to the table and specific projects and achievements that are beneficial to the role they apply for. They have to be specific and direct as this shows them as knowing what they are talking about and that they will be confident in an interview.


You only have one chance to make a good first impression with an email to a recruiter, so follow these tips for success:

  1. Customise your cover letter and resume to meet the exact job requirements
  2. Select information that demonstrates key responsibilities and achievements
  3. Carefully assess your suitability for each position and express your desire and passion to be a part of the organisation when you do apply

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