Jakarta, 13 June 2017: Indonesia has seen a large number of e-commerce and digital players rapidly expanding, who are hitting the market fast with large human capital requirements. According to the latest findings from recruitment specialist, Michael Page Indonesia, the number of jobs has seen a 60 percent rise in the last 12 months. This is largely driven by start-ups, fintech or e-commerce as well as Indonesian conglomerates looking to diversify their operations.

Technology has also been increasingly integrated with a number of business units in every organisation. Therefore digital professionals have been found to undergo an average of three interview rounds with different stakeholders at the same employer before securing a position. However, upon identifying a potential candidate, companies often show their sincerity to hire by making a swift offer within a month and presenting an average salary increase of 25 to 30 percent from the candidate’s previous role.

A majority of start-up co-founders are returning Indonesians with previous experience from Silicon Valley. Therefore as hiring managers, they place the same standards as the famed technology capital and have very high requirements for candidates. Generally, candidates successful in securing a job are returning Indonesians as they have overseas experience and a global mindset combined with knowledge of the Indonesian market.

Imeiniar Chandra, Manager, Michael Page Indonesia, attributes the industry’s growth surge to a changing breed of professionals. She says, “Indonesians have an entrepreneurial spirit which is further supported by the government’s funding for SMEs and start-up businesses. Professionals are empowered by the idea of running their own company with the accompanying level of autonomy.”

“Indonesia’s thriving social media scene coupled with higher consumer spending is a large contributor to the digital and e-commerce industry. Major corporations are also seen to be in competition with SMEs and start-ups for talent as professionals prefer the flexible work environment,” she explains.

The figures also revealed that employers in Indonesia take four months to secure talent for an opportunity. Out of the process, up to three months is dedicated to executive search. Hiring managers in Indonesia interview an average of six different professionals before making a job offer.

It is not uncommon for digital and technology professionals to receive multiple offers; the study also shows that candidates can be interviewing with as many as six different employers before accepting a final offer. The roles are currently in such high demand that counteroffers can be expected when moving between jobs.


Editor’s notes: Data and figures are derived from a survey within the technology and digital space by Michael Page Indonesia from 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017.